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Save Sunset Golf Course

Save Sunset Golf Course

Sunset is being used as a landfill for water treatment plant sludge to punish Hollywood's citizens for opposing development. The City of Hollywood has taken the position that it is without an ordinance regulating land preparation without a site plan.

The City has asserted that because it has no Ordinance for land preparation, permits are not required to use Sunset as a landfill for sludge.

The City is wrong. Hollywood has a wonderfully comprehensive Ordinance that prohibits the dumping of sludge and requires permitting for any such activity.

Both the County and the State have placed responsibility for regulating the fill being dumped at Sunset, and its harmful impact on flood control, among other problems, squarely on the City.

The contact information for the Mayor and other City Commissioners can be found here:

Please let them know you are opposed to Sunset being used as a landfill for water treatment sludge and demand they enforce their Ordinance.


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Dr. Lawrence Shafer

Corresponding Secretary

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