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Historic Preservation
and the Downtown District

Historic Preservation and the Downtown District

The HCCA is concerned about a number of projects in and around the Downtown Hollywood Historic District. The City is a Certified Local Government (CLG) which gives the City the ability to create a historic preservation ordinance which was written into law in 1995. Along with the ordinance, the City created three historic districts: the Lakes district, the Downtown District and, in 2005, added the Beach Historic District. Any major projects in these districts are reviewed by the City’s Historic Preservation Board (HPB). The HPB adheres to a set of historic guidelines and existing zoning codes when reviewing applications for additions, improvements or infill projects. But more and more new development is taking place in the Downtown district where some of the original structures built by City founder, Joseph Young, are located. The HCCA is concerned that these projects will not protect and preserve our most historic structures. The HCCA will be active in reviewing these projects to ensure that they respect our history.


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Dr. Lawrence Shafer - Corresponding Secretary

Dr. Lawrence Shafer

Corresponding Secretary

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