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New Mayor & Vice Mayor of Broward County

By Commissioner Beam Furr

Vacation Rentals RUIN & DESTROY Our Neighborhood, Quality of Life, You Are Not Welcome

I would like to congratulate Commissioner Michael Udine on his selection as the new Mayor of Broward County! Mayor Udine has been one of Broward County’s strongest advocates for economic development, home rule, the environment, and much more. To start his Mayoral year, he stressed the importance of continuing our recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and bringing Broward back to better than ever before. I know Mayor Udine will rise to the challenge of these complicated times and find ways to tackle important issues. I look forward to watching Broward continue to grow and make great progress under Mayor Udine’s leadership.

I would also like to congratulate Commissioner Lamar Fisher on his selection as Vice Mayor. Vice Mayor Fisher brings years of executive experience and is prepared for this role. He is an intelligent and caring advocate on many issues in our community. I am looking forward to working with the new Mayor and Vice Mayor.

Thank you to outgoing Mayor Steve Geller for an impactful year of service as Mayor. Mayor Geller showed real courage and tenacity in leading us through the start of our recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, emphasizing public health while investing in our economy. I look forward to working with Commissioner Geller as he remains on the dais as a County Commissioner.


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Dr. Lawrence Shafer

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