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Your HCCA Officers


We, at HCCA, are dedicated to taking care of each of the 15 HCCA-registered communities in Hollywood. There is no community more important than another. Each and every one of you (and your community) are a vital part of our city's lifeline. And there are never wrong issues; unless they're never brought to our attention. We invite you join us at one of our meetings always on the 3rd Monday of each month @ 7:00pm at David Park Community Center, unless otherwise posted on this website's calendar.

Please take a few more minutes to read about our officers and also become familiar with our website. We're a great leadership group and work well together to serve Hollywood's communities.


Matthew Gouthro
Matthew Gouthro
HCCA Vice President

Driftwood Civic Association

Resident of the City of Hollywood and the Driftwood area since 1980. Attended Sterling Elementary, Driftwood Middle School, McArthur High School and Broward College. Joined the Driftwood Civic Association in 2011. Read More

Lawrence Shafer
HCCA Corresponding Sec.

Boulevard Heights Civic Assoc.

Resident of Boulevard Heights since 1982. Secretary-Treasurer of Boulevard Heights Neighborhood Association. Received Ph.D. in Computer Science from Nova South Eastern University, 2004.

Your President

Clifford Germano
HCCA President

North Central Civic Association

Clifford Germano is a long-time resident of Hollywood having graduated from Chaminade High School in 1972, followed by earning a degree in Economics from the University of Miami. Worked for many years in the tourism industry and became involved in job preparedness, skills and safety training. Read More

Clifford Germano

HCCA President

Clifford Germano


Helen Chervin
HCCA Treasurer

President of United Neighbors
South Central

Maria Jackson-Ratliff
Maria Jackson-Ratliff
HCCA Recording Secretary

Highland Gardens Civic Assoc.

Resident of Hollywood for 15 years. Served on the board of United Neighbors of South Hollywood previously for 4 years. Coordinator of Hollywood CERT. Realtor at Sareen Realty in Hollywood Beach. Read More

HCCA's History

  1. Are You Familiar With HCCA's History?

    HCCA was founded in 1995 by a strong group of civic associations from all across the city. This includes the civic associations of Driftwood, Hollywood Hills , Washington Park, Liberia, Hollywood North Beach, Park East, United Neighbors of South Hollywood and Hollywood Lakes Section Civic Association. These and many other associations are still active today working to improve neighborhood conditions. HCCA has the potential to bring all of this "neighborhood power" together for a greater impact that benefits all Hollywood residents. HCCA membership is open to civic and homeowner associations throughout Hollywood. Annual dues are $20 and entitle a vote to the association's delegates. Please bring your neighborhood association to the table. Current member organizations for 2013 include the following:

  2. HCCA's Current, Active Membership Organizations

     Boulevard Heights Civic Association


    Hollywood Map
    Enlarge Map

     Downtown Parkside Royal Poinciana Civic Association
     Driftwood Civic Association
     Emerald Hills Civic Association
     Highland Gardens Civic Association
     Hollywood Beach Civic Association
     Hollywood Gardens West Civic Association
     Hollywood Hills Civic Association
     Hollywood Lakes Civic Association
     Hollywood North Beach Civic Association
     Lawn Acres Civic Association
     North Central Hollywood Civic Association
     Park East Civic Association
     Playland Estates Civic Association
     United Neighbors of South Hollywood Civic Association 

    You can read more about HCCA's organization located on the "About HCCA" page.