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Download: Procedure for Selection

Residents of Hollywood, do you know someone who gets involved in the community? Someone who lives in Hollywood and volunteers unselfishly and takes action for the betterment of its community? Then please nominate this person for the 2018 Charles F. Vollman Award. The Hollywood Council of Civic Associations (HCCA) created and administered this annual program recognizing a Hollywood resident for their outstanding community involvement and civic activism.

History of the Charles F. Vollman Award:
In 2008, the Hollywood Council of Civic Associations (HCCA) selected Mr. Charles F. Vollman as the first recipient of this award in honor of his accomplishments and contributions to civic life in Hollywood. At that time, the HCCA elected to forever name this award in his honor. Please contact your local civic association with a detailed biography stating the reasons for the nomination, including their accomplishments.

"Chuck had a passion for maintaining relationships with local neighbors and government officials alike. He believed in building a strong society where his dedication and integrity ensured that all measures carried out in the name of the community was executed by local neighbors & government officials with honor and accepted by all with satisfaction"

2017 "Charles F. Vollman Award" Recipient - Patricia Antrican

2017 Charles F Vollman award recipient - Patricia Antrican   2017 Charles F Vollman award recipient - Patricia Antrican



2014 "Charles F. Vollman Award" Recipient
Ellen Mata - June 18, 2014

As a founding member of the North Central Hollywood Civic Association, Ellen Mata has worked as an advocate for her community as either Vice President or President of the association for the past 15 years. She has led and worked through her civic association with City staff and elected officials on many neighborhood issues including tree plantings, park improvement projects, improvement to the Fred Lippman Multipurpose Center, homeless issues and code enforcement concerns.

Mata and her husband, Ray, have lived in their home in North Central Hollywood
for 43 years spending untold hours working to improve their neighborhood.



"Charles F. Vollman Award" Selection Process

  1. Two Recipients of the 2013 Charles F. Vollman AwardProcedures for Selection

    The deadline for submitting a nomination is usually during the month of May each year, for the Charles F. Vollman Award. This award is recognition for civic activism for the residents of Hollywood, Florida. According to an announcement from Larry Shafer, HCCA's Corresponding Secretary, nominations are to be submitted to HCCA President Charlotte Greenbarg following the Procedures for Selection.

  2. Qualifications

    Must be a resident of the City of Hollywood for at least 5 years
    Must demonstrate outstanding community involvement, leadership and civic activism
    Must have unselfishly and voluntarily contributed to our community with recognizable results
    Cannot be an elected official; a candidate running for office in the city, county or state; on the city,
    county or state payroll; or presently a contractor for the city
  3. Nominations Two Recipients of the 2013 Charles F. Vollman Award

    Only the members of each Civic Association who have voting rights in the HCCA may nominate
       one candidate by written or electronic means
    The nomination must be sent to the president of the HCCA within the allocated time
    The nomination must be approved by a recorded majority of the board of said association
    The nomination must be signed by at least one board member of the nominating association
    A list of all nominations and their nominating associations shall be publicly available and
    emailed to all member associations
  4. Nominations Format2009 2010 and 2011 Charles F Vollman Award Recipients

    Submissions must include a detailed biography clearly stating the reasons for the nomination,
    including but not limited to their accomplishments and qualifications
    Detailed biographies shall be available to member associations upon request
  5. Electing Panel

    The impartial electing panel will consist of the following persons:
    A member of the Vollman family
    A voting member of the HCCA chosen by majority vote at a regular meeting by the voting
    members present at said meeting
    An available City Commissioner chosen by the majority of the HCCA board of directors
    The earliest available and willing recpient of the Vollman award that has not already served in this capacity
    An executive member of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce chosen by the Chamber Board.

  6. Majority Vote

    A majority vote of this panel is required. In case that one or more of the 5 panelists named above cannot serve in a particular year, that position will be occupied by one or more members of the HCCA Board. The order will be President, Vice President, Teasurer, Recording Secretary and Correspondence Secretary.